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Contact Lenses

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There is a huge range of contact lenses available these days and almost everyone can wear them! Even if you have found contact lenses unsuccessful in the past we often find you just need a little more time and effort.

We offer contact lens checks and supply lenses on a 'pay as you go' system, or a direct debit scheme on our Eyeplan Contacts.

Our Eyeplan Contacts includes ALL your professional eye care, whenever you want and also offers you discounts on spectacles, solutions, accessories and contact lenses!

Contact LensesThere are a number of different wearing options with contact lenses:

  • Daily soft lenses:  wear them once and then throw them away! Ideal for occasional wearers or for those with an active or busy lifestyle.
  • Two weekly or Monthly soft lenses: suitable for those who are looking to wear contact lenses more regularly.  You are required to take them out each night to clean and store.
  • Extended wear soft lenses: available to be worn overnight or continuously for up to 30 days.
  • Multifocal lenses: suitable for those who require a different prescription for distance and near (and everywhere in between!)
  • Toric lenses: designed to correct astigmatism (described as being a ‘rugby ball’ shaped front of the eye). 
  • Hard lenses (or Rigid Gas Permeable RGP lenses): still available and can provide outstanding vision, especially for more complex prescriptions.

As an independent optician, we are able to source contact lenses from a vast number of providers, giving us the best chance to find the best lens for you!

At a contact lens fitting appointment we will aim to find the right option for you and if possible we will aim to try contact lenses at this initial appointment, unless we need to order specific trial lenses for you.