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Right frame, right lenses, right price!

We are passionate about eyewear and as an independent optician we’re able to hand select our favourite pieces from the latest ranges. Our friendly team has extensive product knowledge and is trained to select the best fitting frames to compliment your face shape, image and lifestyle. 

Being an independent practice we are able to provide you with the best lens for your prescription and requirements.  Although we are able to source frames and lenses from anywhere we predominately us the premium lens manufacturer Nikon, Essilor and Zeiss.  They are able to offer a wide range of lens options that deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort.  Along with their service and quality control, this ensures that we are able to provide an outstanding product. 

WOOW Designer FramesWe are able to offer a wide range of varifocal lenses from an introductory lens design to the bespoke, such as the Nikon See Max Master. These lenses are designed to reduce distortion in the peripheral portions of the lens, and are digitally enhanced for stress free vision.  They require us to take extensive measurements of the frames and face using the latest iPad and camera technology to provide a truly bespoke lens.

Our iPad and camera units allows us to take measurements for all types of lenses as well as allowing us to show you what your new frames will look like.

We have a large range of frames available - depending on the individual's requirements.  From budget to designer and everything in between.  The most important thing to us is that you have the right frame with the right lenses, at the right price!